Ask yourself this: Have you recently been forced to change clothes in public? Have you tried changing behind a flimsy towel, in a dirty public restroom, the backseat of a car, or worse?  Perhaps before or after a workout? We have the perfect solution for you.

Watch the video below to see how it works:

The Undress

The Undress is more than just a dress. It's a SYSTEM that has many proprietary features to help you change clothes without ever getting naked. We're the #1 Women's Fashion Kickstarter and we've been featured on television and websites like these:


I use mine constantly!!!! My first time I used it was at Ragnar Tahoe and it worked like a charm! A brilliant design, thanks for making my life better!
- Meghan N.

The Undress is a MUST HAVE after every marathon or Triathlon- I would keep one in my post-race gear bag, and is exactly what I need after every event, after every run. It’s Absolutely Awesome.
- Natalie

On the beach, I wouldn’t have to walk a mile back to the bathroom, which is almost always wet and dirty. I would be able to change right on the beach, and even wear The Undress on the boardwalk after.
- Nikki

Every fashion model should have her own and bring to every photo session, just in case.
- Monique

Was sooooo thankful for mine after I finished my first century ride yesterday. After that many hours in bike shorts and a now stinky jersey I needed fresh clothes STAT!
- Robyn S.

We do Yoga in the park - and the public restroom isn’t always a safe or clean option. With this, I can change anywhere.
- Kaitee

I would use The Undress as a service to my models during photoshoots. It’s a must have for everyone in fashion, or photography.
- Linda Nguyen, Linda Moo Photography

I can literally change clothes on the bus. Have you ever tried to change clothes in a bus bathroom while traveling in a foreign country? Not fun. - Mica S.


Women on-the-go - You're busy.  And like Superman (or Superwoman), sometimes you just need to do a quick costume change. (Where did all the telephone booths go?!)

Runners-  You run.  You run a lot.  You sweat a lot AND you still have to get back in your car after the workout.  If you're like most runners, you might need to drop by the grocery store on the way back home, or grab a drink with friends after the run.  Change out of your workout clothes easily with The Undress.

Triathletes - You train 4-5 times a week.  And chances are, you train outdoors and are a master at the Dreaded "Towel Tango."  Put The Undress in your gear bag and keep it there at all times.  It's especially handy after a Triathlon!

Beach / Surfers - Why hike a mile back to the car or to the crusty public restroom when you can easily change clothes ON THE BEACH?  With The Undress- you can swap in and out of your bikini in a quick minute without any embarrassing slips. 

Yogis -  Yoga in the park = pine.  Getting out of your $150 yoga pants in a hot parking lot with only a towel to cover you?  NOT so divine.  The Undress helps your day flow, flow, flow smoothly even after your workout…

Cross Trainers -  If you're going to do 5 things in a day, do 5 workouts- not the 5 "Dreaded Public No No's."  And when you're done smashing your workouts and need to swap outfits, The Undress has got you covered!  (Get it?)


Sports Teams - Your team can do a uniform swap "on the field" in minutes.  As a bonus, you could totally confuse the other team if you decided to do a uniform swap in the middle of the game.  Worth it.

Use in Locker Rooms to stay discreet -  Just because you're in a locker room doesn't mean you HAVE to show everyone your "good side", does it?

Models, Performers, and Actors - You are sometimes forced to change clothes without adequate facilities.  So take matters into your own hands and protect your assets by bringing The Undress to every gig around town and around the country. 

Photographers / Videographers - You can have The Undress on stand-by as a courtesy to your models and actors.  Oh, we bet that the models are going to love The Undress so much, they might steal it. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Travelers - You're backpacking through the country or over-seas and staying in hostels. You live for adventure but that's doesn't mean you have to change in front of complete strangers or on a crowded tour bus. Use The Undress to easily change outfits in seconds! 

Bridal Parties - Give your bridesmaids a gift they'll never forget! The Undress is comfortable enough to wear all day while you get ready. And after your makeup and hair are done, The Undress' adjustable drawstring halter will help you get out of your dress without ruining all that hard work!