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Founded in 2014 by Dennis Caco and April Estrada and based in San Diego, CA, The Undress is committed to making it easier for women worldwide to live an active lifestyle. Our flagship product, also titled The Undress, is a fashionable mobile changing room that allows women to change clothes in public without ever getting naked.

The initial idea for The Undress came to Dennis after a regular Tuesday night run. For years, he had observed that women had to change in their cars, or behind towels, or hide in bushes to change clothes. He thought to himself, “There has to be a better way!”

Dennis and April launched their record-breaking Kickstarter in Fall 2014 and raised more than $615,000 in pledges to fund the initial production run of The Undress. Their campaign currently stands as Kickstarter’s most-funded women’s fashion project, most-funded dress, and the top three most-funded fashion project of all time.

In addition to manufacturing The Undress for women worldwide, the team is also very active in the endurance sports community of San Diego. Dennis and April are members of different clubs and organizations like San Diego Running, Tri Club San Diego, and San Diego Bicycle Club. Team members also volunteer for and e many local endurance sport-related charity events.  The Hammer Festival, which has raised thousands of dollars for charity over the years, is especially near to their hearts. Beneficiaries include American Liver Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and Challenged Athletes Foundation.

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