Celebrating 4 Years - with a little "shaky" secret reveal!

Hi Everyone,

Please excuse my openness, lack of editing, and length of this email - IT'S OUR 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY TODAY for The Undress, and I'm a bit in the "feels" right now! :) :) <3

I want to thank all of you for all of your support through the years and being on this journey with us. It's fitting that for our 4th year anniversary, we're close to launching the Version 4 dress!

And it's YOU we want to thank. Without you, or this community, we would have never made it this far, 5 years later, launching our best Undress yet.

I am still in AWE that a dress that I invented while on a popular tuesday night group run in 2013 (called "Ed's Waterfront Run") would ever become a success - apparently "this dress had some legs"!

Man, we still can't believe this little dress has been shared on social media, in the news, became the #1 womens fashion project in crowdfunding history, and even won the Shark Tank Your Life Contest on Good Morning America? It's been pretty epic, and we hope this makes you proud!

Also, with some sadness, we want to share with you that this will be our LAST Kickstarter together for myself and April. The last 5 years have brought us so much emotion - from joy, happiness, frustration, dread, and elation.  We also have SO MANY people to thank - especially our families, and my wife Rachelle and son. 

But, honestly, it's because this community of amazing customers and backers, that kept us inspired to continue even though sometimes we got burnt out, or wanted to quit. It has not been easy, but it has been worth it. And honestly, even though we haven't even finished our last campaign yet, I already miss all of you.

You have been a part of our lives for so many years, and there isn't a day that I wasn't thinking about how to do better, or where to invest our resources, spend our time, or worried about if we made the right decisions or not, or what our customers (you) would think about our next move. Even though we haven't always been perfect, we strived for excellence in everything we did, knowing YOU were watching and rooting us on.

And a BIG SECRET we haven't told you yet:  GOAL ACHIEVED - We FILMED FOR SHARK TANK. YES, THE ACTUAL SHOW. After TWO LONG YEARS of applying, and hundreds of pages of contracts, we made it to that famous stage last year. That was a CraaaaZzY experience, and we couldn't talk about it because we were contractually obligated to stay silent.  (*Spoiler Alert*: It didn't quite turn out the way we hoped, but it's all good!)  And, we will share more about that experience soon in a separate email.

Because of crowdfunding and your financial support, we were able to stay funded and completely independent - no need for controlling investors, no bosses breathing down our neck, ability to stay self sustained, and we were able to pursue our passion the way WE thought was BEST for The Undress and The Undress Family. We don't even have any distributors or retailers, so EVERY UNDRESS SOLD (All 30,000+ of them) has been sold directly from US and our TEAM, to keep our intimate connection with our invaluable customers like you.

And to this day, I am proud to say Myself and April are the ONLY owners of The Undress, inc. As a business we've survived, and we thank you SO MUCH for that.

And no, we’re not millionaires. We re-invested everything back into the business to help it grow. We were even offered to be purchased by several investors and an investor group, and we still declined. We live in the same places we always lived, and drive the cars we had 4 years ago (except April had to replace her car because it broke down after 200K miles, and is the proud owner of a new Honda Civic, yay!).

Like every other business, we still work hard and take risks every day.  Sometimes those risks pan out, sometimes they don't.  But in the end, we are rich in experience, culture, and community that The Undress has become.

Your support of us, however, DID bring liberty and ability to pursue our passion: to improve The Undress full-time, supporting ourselves, and our families (I have a 3 year old boy who was born after the launch of Version 1, and this business allowed me to be a father and a entrepreneur at the same time!). Words cannot express how thankful, and fortunate we are.

Well, here we are - one last Kickstarter together. (Did I just really type that? :sadface: :(

After thousands of surveys and real life feedback, we have The Undress V4 we always dreamed of, and truly ready to take on the world. We hope you can join us one more time.

Please sign up here at www.TheUndressV4.com if you haven't already, to stay in touch.

Our part of this journey may be ending soon - but it's not quite over, YET! :) We have a few more surprises coming, so stay tuned.

So, with that said, Happy Anniversary to ALL OF US. We have a lot to be grateful for!  Big Hugs XO

Stay Changed!

-Dennis + April, Marat, and The Undress Family