What Will You Choose For Yourself Today?

Written by Denise Guehlstorff, a guest-blogger from The Undress community.

Every day you face a world full of exciting, surprising, unnerving, life-changing opportunities that can enlighten your mind, change your physique, lighten your spirit, and rekindle or spark new friendships!

Some of these chances may not be obvious right away, but with a simple change of mindset it can be easier to see the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, or social opportunities for positive change that lie ahead.

Questioning Possibility

If you’re just getting started with a new healthy habit, it may be hard to picture yourself doing things you’ve never done before. But life is not about what you are not allowed to do or what you cannot do -- it is about what you choose to do! Even if your goal seems unattainable at first, the simple act of working toward and aiming for your goal can make a world of difference.  The goal you reach tomorrow begins with small steps of change that you take today.

For example, if you’re just getting started with running and have signed up for your first 5K, as you begin to train you may find yourself thinking: “I will never be able to win the 5K”.

Consider reframing the way you think about this event by focusing on the choice you made to run it in the first place. Keep in mind not only the changes and improvements that you’ll make as you work towards your goal, but the new health and well-being that positive choices can create. It may even help if you chose to add a positive statement about what you now are able to accomplish. For example:

“Right now I can walk a 5K, and soon I will be able to run a 5K. I may not be the winner of the 5K, nor the next one I enter, but I am making a winning choice that will empower me to do something I couldn’t do before.”

You are not restricted by what you are currently unable to do. Rather, you are empowered by what you are able to do.

Reflections & Choices

No matter what your health and wellness goals are, there will always be opportunities for choice, empowerment, and positive thinking. Practice your ability to reflect and make mindful choices every time you come across one of these opportunities!

Remember, YOU can choose to create health and wellness! YOU have the ability to make life renewing choices!  Embrace your own abilities in a positive way!

So …Pause. Think. Reflect. Consider.  Create healthy habits and move away from restrictions.  Embrace the joy of your possibilities.

What will you choose for yourself today?


About The Author

Denise Guehlstorff is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator at Good Shepard Medical Center in Marshall, Texas and a member of The Undress community. Her heart’s joy is her husband of 32 years, 2 daughters and 2 sons-in-laws and 4 grandchildren. Denise's current projects include healthy eating grocery store tours for her local community, ballet fitness classes, and helping with national cardiac rehab program certification review. 

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