Change clothes anytime, anywhere, in less than a minute!

You can change into (or out of) The Undress without ever needing privacy.  Save time, effort, and hassle so you can go on with your day.


For beach, travel, running, cycling, yoga, swimmers, and active women everywhere.

Watch the video above to see how The Undress works

Stop changing with a towel, in the car, public restrooms, or risk embarrassment.

Can we all agree it just sucks to change clothes in public? (especially if you are wet or sweaty). Sometimes it's a necessary evil, but with The Undress, you'll experience freedom and ease like never before.

Change is good.

Quick and Easy

1 - Slip into The Undress, and guide the dress underneath your top

2- Remove your bottoms using the "side access openings"

3 - Remove your top, and you're done!  

4 - To re-dress into a new outfit, simply reverse the process.

*Yes, it's like magic. Watch the video!*

WINNER - Shark Tank Your Life™

The Undress is the grand prize WINNER of the Shark Tank Your Life contest on Good Morning America, as judged by Daymond John.

Even Sharks love The Undress!

The Undress is perfect for all the "changes" in your life.


Super comfortable for long flights and versatile enough for all occasions.  With so many features, it's the only dress you need to bring. It even has pockets!

Beach and Swim

The Undress is the world's best Cover Up and is perfect for all water activities.  Try it once and you'll be hooked!

Runners + Multi-Sport

Runners want the freedom to run wherever they want, WHEREVER they want.  Use The Undress to make pre and post run changes EASY.

In or Out of the Studio

Sometimes the bathroom line at the studio is too long, or dressing rooms are non-existant.  The Undress has you covered, whether indoors or out.  Namaste!

Outdoors + Hiking

Change anywhere.  Lightweight and small enough to pack.  Make awkward "tent changes" and "bush searching" a thing of the past.

For Everyday Wear

And yes, many of our customers use The Undress as a day-to-day dress.  It's comfortable, lightweight, and beautiful.

It even works with a Sports Bra

Yes, we accomplished the impossible!  The Undress is the easiest way to remove a sweaty sports bra, swimsuit, or any other item of clothing that would be difficult with just a towel!


Fully Adjustable Fit

Quickly adjust the cord locks oo the neck. Or for further adjustment, use the button style adjustment band to get your perfect fit.

Change Styles

Adjust The Undress straps to create 4 different looks: Halter Top, Strapless, Cross strap, & Double Strap.  Watch the video above to see how it works!

Changes into a Skirt!

Yes, The Undress (Version 6) also changes into a skirt!

Amazing print and color options

Comfortable and Convenient

Many ways to wear it

Wear it Strapless, Cross, Double, or Halter Strap

Functional AND Fashionable

The Undress is perfect to wear everyday

I got to use my Undress after a Mud Run! While everyone else ended up naked in the changing tent afterward, I slipped it on and got my clothes off modestly. And looked cute for the after party!

Ashley Allen

I especially love this new “Evening Floral” pattern.

I’ll be wearing this every day for these warmer months!

Hayley Fortner

A 5k run this morning moving into a walking tour this afternoon - perfect time to whip The Undress out of my backpack!

Thea Morash

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Over 20,000 women love The Undress.  We guarantee you will too, or your money back!  

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We believe every woman deserves the comfort, security, and convenience The Undress provides.

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