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Buy The Undercover Today

The Undercover v2 - Black

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Say goodbye to changing in the back seat of your car, awkward towel changing in public, and public restrooms. 

The Undercover Version 2.0 is FASTER, QUICKER, and more convenient - saving you time, hassle, and frustration.

The Undercover V2 was designed to solve the problem of having to do outdoor wardrobe changes. This amazing patent-pending design is not available anywhere else, take a look.

How it Works (for bottoms): The Undercover V2 is designed to cover you up securely by a drawstring, and with it’s featured patent pending Side Access Openings, it allows you to access anything you need to remove. To redress, reverse the process. Slip out. Bam. That simple. You know you need it.

It's perfect for the ladies too!

Change into and out of sports bras, shirts, bikinis, and more with ease!


How it Works (for Tops): Ladies, you can now change your top without any embarrassing slips!


To start, slide The Undercover over your head and loosen the cord lock. 


Next, slip your head into the strap loop and cinch the cord lock behind your neck to secure. 

Then, you can remove your top or bra from the top or from underneath using the Side Access Openings (best for bikini tops and traditional bras).

Reverse the process to wear a new top. Bam. Faster and more secure than a towel.

It also converts to a backpack! (Yes, really!)

When your change is complete, zip it up, attach the clips, adjust to fit, and The Undercover 2.0 becomes a convenient Backpack.

You’ll wonder how you ever “adventured” without it.

With The Undercover, you're ready for anything!