The Undress V4 - Deep Teal Super Soft

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You can use The Undress to change clothes anytime, anywhere - without ever getting naked, or needing privacy!


The Undress Version 4 allow you to change clothes, change Sizes, and change styles!  For runners, athletes, yogis, supermoms and more, The Undress is the only dress designed for all the 'changes' in your life!


How it works is simple - You can quickly change INTO OR OUT OF ANY OUTFIT, USING THE UNDRESS. [Watch the Video above!]

  • Remove Your Top: First, bring The Undress to your waist. Then use the soft handle to guide the front of the dress underneath anything you want to remove. Bring the straps over your head, and cinch both the neck and back cord locks to secure. Finally, simply remove your top and bra.

  • Remove Your Bottoms: Insert your hands into the side access openings to easily remove your bottoms. Done!

Change into another outfit, such as your running clothes, by reversing the process.  [Watch the Video above!]

  • Put your bra and top over The Undress, and use the special side openings to put on your bottoms.
  • Next, simply loosen the cord locks and use the soft handle to guide the straps under all
    your top layers. 
  • Then just slip out of The Undress, and you’ll be in your new outfit!

With the new Bungee and Pull Charm, The Undress V4 is so adjustable, it only takes 3 sizes to fit youth to XXXL! Pictured: Stephanie in Size C, Morgan in Size A, and Sophie in Size B